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Professional application sensors, integrating high-precision accelerometers and gyroscopes, professional attitude calculations, through the Kalman filter, output high-precision attitude angle. According to different applications, it can be customized as deep sensor, driving test sensor, elevator sensor. Industrial voltage input, sensor parameters can be set through the serial port, built-in ESD protection, use temperature -40 ~ 85 °.

Selection table

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model FeaturesAccuracycommunication methodInput voltageAccelerationAngular speedanglemagnetic fieldQuaternionBarometric heightGPSMaximum transmissionantennaProtection levelapplication
WTGAHRS110 Axis + GPS Output0.05°TTL3.3-5V±16g±2000°/sX(-180,180) Y(-90,90) yesyesyesyes100HZBuilt-in, external Dynamic and static
WTGAHRS210 Axis + GPS + BeiDou Output0.05°TTL3.3-5V±16g±2000°/sX(-180,180) Y(-90,90) yesyesyesGPS+Beidou100HZBuilt-in 动Dynamic and static
SINS Depth sensorDepth measurement of cultivated land0.05°TTL/2323.3-5V±16g±2000°/sX(-90,90) Y(-90,90) no 100HZ IP67Dynamic and static



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