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RCV slewing controller


RCV slewing controller is a crane slewing controller designed and developed by our company
The main technical features:

  1. After the RCV slewing controller is matched with the eddy current torque motor and the speed reducer, the smooth speed control of the crane's slewing operation can be realized.
  2. To achieve the best optimization of AC voltage control curve and DC voltage control curve.
  3. It has jog function in the control operation to achieve accurate positioning.
  4. Automatic protection of reverse operation in system control
  5. Directly determine the output inversion on the control circuit, you can only access a potentiometer can achieve the control function.
  6. The use of coating on printed circuit boards improves the circuit board's ability to prevent dust and condensation.
  7. Electronic components use imported industrial grade chips.
  8. Direct power and direction indicators on the control board.
  9. Has the function of preventing phase loss.

Operating conditions

Use environmental conditions

Operating temperature:-10℃~40℃
Relative humidity:MIN 50%(40℃),MAX 95%(20℃)

Power quality

Voltage fluctuation does not exceed ±10%

Rated voltage

50HZ/60HZ、AC380V/440V Three-phase voltage
50HZ/60HZ、AC48V/55V Three-phase voltage

working principle

The RCV slewing controller is a type of slewing control system that combines three-phase AC voltage regulation and eddy current regulation. System. The entire system consists of RCV slewing controller, electric control cabinet, crane console with potentiometer, eddy current torque motor, Reducer and other components. When the console handle of the crane is operated, the potentiometer is driven to output an analog to the RCV slewing controller signal. Control the trigger conduction angle of the three-phase AC voltage and the trigger conduction angle of the eddy current voltage, triggering the thyristor module transmission of each group Different voltages.

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