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Model selection

Model communication method Control channelBoard supply voltageMotor supply voltageMaximum Motor Current(total)Number of action groupsMaximum number of stored actions
Servo16USB/TTL16chsUSB 5V5-7.2V(JP1)5A168192
Servo24USB/TTL24chsUSB 5V5-7.2V(JP1)5A168192
Servo32USB/TTL32chsUSB 5V5-7.2V(JP1)5A168192

Resource Summary

User Manual and Development Documents: 32chs_servo_motor_controller Product Specificatio
24chs_servo_motor_controller Product Specificatio
16chs_servo_motor_controller Product Specificatio
PC Software:PC Software
16 24 32 chs servo motor controller board will share the same usermanul and PC software
Sample code:STM32 arduino 51

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